The perfect senior portrait

We do senior pictures like we do all portraits ... on location.  This can be at your house, at a park, or at any location where we have the property owner's permission.

Graduation is a special time in a senior's life. Let us capture the memory for you and your family, for friends, and for special neighbors.

There is no sitting fee if you order within 14 days of the session. We require a minimum purchase of $200 for our work and offer you a substantially discounted package for this.  Other pictures may be purchased at our regular prices with the exception of billfolds.  Seniors love billfolds so we offer all seniors an additional discount on extra billfolds.

Expect to spend 1 to 1 1/2 hours on the session. We shoot lots of photographs. The time is yours. Change into as many outfits as you like.

   Senior package

1   8 X 10
2     5 X 7
 48  Billfolds
$99 - a $183 value
All prints in this package are from the same image

Billfold special

With the purchase of our senior package you may purchase additional billfolds at the following prices per pose.

First 12 - $20
Additional groups of 12 of the same pose for $12

Low-resolution images for display on social networking websites, cell-phones and electronic organizers are included for all files from which you have purchased a print.

High-resolution files are now available. Check our pricing page for complete information.

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Frequently asked questions

I'm not in Paragould. Is there an additional charge for coming to my town?
There is no charge in Greene or Craighead counties. There is a travel charge for other areas.  Give us a call and we can tell you the charge for your location.

How do I book a session?
Call us and we will set up a time. In Paragould call 870-236-2275. You will pay the $200 minimum purchase at the time of the photo session. Every dollar will go toward the purchase of your photographs as long as you place your order within 14 days of the session. After that time the $200 becomes a sitting fee..

What if I have a conflict and cannot do the session at the time scheduled?
If you have a conflict and notify us at least 48 hours in advance, we will reschedule the session for another time.  This allows you to be flexible and it allows us to schedule another person for the time period you originally scheduled.

What if it rains when we have an outdoor session scheduled?
We will re-schedule you for another time.

How do I select my pictures?
We will schedule a projection session within two weeks of the photography session. You will pick your photographs at that time.  Turnaround time is fast on our end. You will pay the balance then or pay half of the balance and the remainder at the time you pick up the photographs. We do take credit cards.

Can I buy more than one senior package?
No, you can only buy one $99 package per senior.  We offer this to allow an individual to get a good supply of photographs at an exceptional price. Additional prints must be purchased at the regular prices.  The Senior Billfold Special is available anytime to seniors and you may buy as many of these packages as you wish.

Can I buy proofs
You can buy prints of any of the photographs. We do not print paper proofs.  Keep in mind we take a lot of photographs. A Senior Photography Session generally has more than 100 photographs. All prints purchased are retouched. You may also buy all of the images with our high-resolution digital package.

How can I be a Senior Ambassador?
Simply by choosing Tim Rand Photography to do your senior photographs.  All seniors who use Tim Rand Photography are automatically a Senior Ambassador and can earn money by referring us to their friends. .Click on the link Senior Ambassadors to see the details.

Why do I have to order within 14 days of the session?
You don't ... but it will save you 200 bucks if you do. The payment of $200 will go toward the purchase of prints if you order within 14 days of the session. After that time the payment will be treated as a sitting fee and you will get no prints for that payment.  We instituted this to reward our customers who place their orders quickly. We all procrastinate. That is one of my many faults. We have found people put off ordering until when they really need them like for Christmas and graduation. What happens is we photograph people all year and then near Christmas and graduation (when we are still doing photographs) we have orders from people we have photographed over the last 10 months. This puts a big strain on us to get all the work done in a short period of time. You want your photographs! Pick them out and order within 14 days of the session and there is no sitting fee. This policy started March 1, 2009.

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