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A word about pricing 

Our pricing is simple.  You buy photographs. We don’t deal in “units”. Nobody I know wants to put a unit of his child in his billfold or a unit of his wife in a frame on his desk.

People want photographs of the people dear to them. That is what we sell. 

People ask about packages.  We have a different philosophy. We have some packages:

Our senior packages are great values.
Our wedding photography package is incredible.
We now offer high-resolution files of the entire session in our digital package #1.
And from time to time we have other special packages. 

For the most part, we don’t package and here is why –  

People buy packages to get the best deal per picture.  These extra pictures they buy cost more than they intended to spend but it lowered the cost per picture by buying the package.  Where are these pictures?  A lot are in a drawer somewhere in their houses.  Do you have photographs in an envelope in a drawer after buying a package? 

Instead, we price all our photographs fairly.  We do not charge a sitting fee if you place your order within 14 days of the session. We do not charge a location fee in Greene or Craighead County. We have a minimum purchase but every dollar goes toward the purchase of photographs if you order within 14 days of the session. You are buying beautiful photographs from us at a reasonable price. 

We take a lot of photographs in each session. All proofing is done in a projection session unless you buy the high-resolution digital package #1. We do not print paper proofs.

We are not the lowest in the area. But we are certainly not the highest.  Compare us to the “special prices” you see from our competitors.  They offer a special price that is much higher than our regular price.  They say they are throwing in the sitting fee and location fee for this special price.  What this tells me is that normally they are much higher for the picture plus they charge you a sitting fee on top of that if you come to their studio. If they go on location there is another fee added on top of that. 

With us it is simple.  You buy the photographs you want at a reasonable price often for less than what you will spend to get packages from our competitors. Not always, but most of the time.  There are always photographers who will offer lower prices.   

We invite you to compare.  Compare quality. Compare prices. Then call us to work with you to create that special photograph you want to hang on your wall. 


Tim Rand

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