What to wear

I will photograph you in anything you want to wear. However, here are some guidelines that will help make the most of your photograph session. 

Solids are best.  Checks and stripes are distracting.  We want the viewer to see you. 

Medium to dark clothing is best.  The eye is drawn to the lightest point on the picture. I like that to be your face. Personally, I dislike white shirts unless we are photographing with a white background.  Since I do a lot of outdoor photography I like outdoor colors browns, greens, and some blues are my favorite.  Pink can work. I prefer to stay away from bright red but there are times it makes a great photograph. If you wear green and we have leaves behind you, you will not disappear ... you will blend.  The girl in green here is an example.

Long sleeves The traditional philosophy is long-sleeves are best. I agree in many cases. Short sleeves make the arms look heavier.  However, there may be photographs where you want your arms to show.  That is no problem.  Keep the long-sleeves in mind for a formal portrait.  You might bring both sleeve lengths to the photo session. 

Logos Many people suggest staying away from shirts with brand names showing.  It can date the photograph over the years.  Again, this is your choice.   

Bring what you want. This photograph is about you who you are now and how you want to be remembered in the future.

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