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We do not charge a sitting fee if you order within 14 days of the session (see below*).  There is no travel (location) charge in Greene or Craighead Counties in Arkansas.  Call us about other locations and we'll determine a price.  We do have a minimum purchase but that money will go toward the purchase of your order if you order within 14 days. Minimum: $200 for Senior Photographs; $100 for most other sessions.  Call us and we can discuss the minimum for what you have in mind.

Print Price Senior Portrait Specials On location  1-2-3 special
4 X 6 $20
5 X 7 $35
8 X 10 $45
8 X 12 $50
10 X 10 $55
10 X 15 $80
11 X 14 $80
10 X 20 $105
16 X 20 $175
16 X 24 $210
20 X 24 $260
20 X 30 $395
24 X 30 $470
24 X 36 $560
30 X 40 $655
8 billfolds
Extra sets
of 20



We offer special prices and a senior package. Look at our senior page for all the details.

Senior Page

Copyright Notice

The photographer is the owner of the copyright under U.S. law. Additional copies must be purchased from the photographer. It is unlawful to copy the images in any form or to have copies made elsewhere without the permission of the photographer.

We do offer special pricing on our allowing customers to print photographs elsewhere. Check the bottom of this page for complete details.

1 20 x 24   1 20 x 30
2 8 x 10s or 2 8 x 10s
3 5 x 7s 3 5 x 7s
$380   $515

All prints are of the same image

Linen texture or metallic or black and white paper add 10%



Basic retouching is done on all images printed. Specific prices will be quoted one extensive retouching.  All prints except billfolds are mounted. If you do not want the mounting on a print tell us when you order. There is no charge for this mounting. Other types of mounting material are available at an additional charge.

We are glad to have you use low-resolution images on social networking websites and cell-phones and electronic organizers.  You can also email these files to your family and friends. These are for display only and you do not have an authorization to print these images. All images you have printed are retouched before printing and these are the files you will receive.  You we will receive low-resolution files of all images that you have had us print.

Check our high-resolution digital file pricing below

We take a lot of photographs in each session. All proofing is done in a projection session. We do not print paper proofs. You will see your photographs projected onto a screen so you can get a wonderful view of the images we captured for you. It can also give you an understanding of what investing in a wall portrait can do for your home or office. We project large photographs but we can show you any size you choose with the push of a button.  The projection session is for you and everyone who wants to purchase photographs.  Everyone who wants to purchase photographs should be at this session or you should be able to make decisions for them. The order will be completed during this session. You will be able to select images you like and then narrow them down. Our system allows us to project images side by side so you can compare them right on the big screen. There is no charge for this projection session.  If a second projection session is desired it may be purchased for $150 at the time of booking this second session This $150 will not go toward your print purchase. We encourage you to make all decisions at the first session.

*We do not have a sitting fee if you place your order within 14 days of the session. The payment of $100 or $200 will go toward the purchase of prints if you order within 14 days. After that time the payment will be treated as a sitting fee and you will get no prints for that payment. This policy started March 1, 2009.

We do not want to charge a sitting fee. We have instituted this to reward our customers who place their orders quickly. We all procrastinate. That is one of my many faults. We have found people put off ordering until when they really need them … like for Christmas and graduation. What happens is we photograph people all year and then near Christmas (when we are the busiest) we have orders from people we have photographed over the last 10 months. You want your photographs! Pick them out and order within 14 days of the session and there is no sitting fee. Thank you!

High-Resolution Digital files

Digital High-Resolution Pricing effective June 8, 2013

I run across more and more clients and potential clients who are asking for high-resolution files of the session images along with the right to print these images any size and anywhere they want.

Therefore, I am going to try an experiment … kind of like one popular restaurant chain says … for a limited time only.  This may become a permanent part of my pricing but certainly will be available for the rest of 2013 or for all contracts signed from now through December 31, 2013.

All of my regular pricing on my website is still current and you can buy on that plan with a $100 minimum purchase for portrait sessions and a $200 minimum purchase for seniors.  The digital purchase pricing will be an option instead of the regular pricing, plus there is an option in addition to the regular pricing.

Why am I doing this?  Well, I learned a long time ago that the easiest way to make a sale is to find out what the client wants and then give that to him or her as long as it works for me, too.

People want great images. While some people still want 5x7s and 8x10s and large wall portraits, most people want an image they can have on their iPad, their phone, or put on Facebook or other social media as well as be able to print them themselves.

This came home to me last year when I was having a viewing session with a mom and her high school senior.  There was a picture he really liked and she asked him if he wanted a 5x7 of it.  He said, “Mom, I don’t have to have any prints as long as I can use it on Facebook and put on my phone.”

I have supplied small low-resolution files for years of all images from which a print was purchased.  These are for use exactly as he said … for his phone, Facebook, and email.  You just can’t print from them.

I realize that I deposit dollars at the bank instead of depositing the number of prints I have sold.  So here it is, an opportunity to get the high-resolution images on a DVD.  I have always done this for my wedding day photography and for my commercial photography.  This plan is for the rest of my portrait work - seniors, families, children and individuals.

While my prices start with a minimum of $100 or a minimum of $200 for seniors, most people spend between $400 and $900 on prints with me.  There are a few that spend less than $400, several who spend more than $900 and a few that spend over $2,000.

In many cases I will be making less from these packages, sometimes way less, but I will be making more than on some other sessions and I expect to book more sessions with this option.  In addition, if the digital plan is selected there will be no viewing session.  This will save me on the average over two hours per client.

These sessions will be regular sessions generally one to two hours in length.  There is no travel charge in Greene County or Craighead County, Arkansas. Travel elsewhere is available for an extra fee. Payment of these plans is required the day of the session for Plan #1.

Digital Plan #1 - $600

1.  You get all images from the session.  All will be color-corrected, density adjusted and straightened. You will received these images on a DVD along with a print authorization that will allow you to print them anywhere you choose or to use them any way you choose on any device.

2.  We will do standard retouching* of ten of these images.  You will choose the images from the DVD you receive and you must give us a list of these images within 14 days of receiving the DVD. Failure to supply the list within 14 days drops the included retouching from the package.

3.  We will retouch any additional files for $15 per file.


Digital Plan #2 – For those who buy prints

If you buy $800 or more in prints from us you may then buy high-resolution digital files from us at $20 a file.  These files will be re-touched.

*Standard re-touching is removing pimples, softening some lines, etc.  It is not inserting another image into the current image or adding people to a photograph from another photograph.  That is advanced work that requires a lot of time and will be billed separately.


A word about packages and pricing

No (bad) surprises from me

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