Fine Art Pricing

Our top of the line printing is on canvas. It is the perfect way to display your piece of art. It is mounted on 3/4" foam board and is coated with a smooth or paint-stroke gel coating. There are options such as mounting the canvas on Masonite.  We will be happy to discuss these options with you.  The prices quoted below are for the 3/4" foam board and gel coating. The same prices apply to fine art paper which is a beautiful finish similar in appearance and feel of watercolor paper.

Fine art prints are more fragile than traditional photographic prints and must be displayed and handled with care. When you want the best piece of art displayed in your home or office consider these fine art finishes.

Size Price
11 X 14 $ 175
10 X 20 $ 200
16 X 20 $ 320
20 X 24 $ 480
20 X 30 $ 600
24 X 30 $ 720
30 X 40 $ 1200
40 X 60 $ 2400

Gallery Wrap

Our Gallery Wrap is printed on canvas and the actual photograph is stretched around the frame.  Some photographs are not suited for this presentation because two to three inches on each side of the photograph is wrapped around the frame.  We can solve this problem by using a complementary color on the sides if the image itself is not large enough.  The Gallery Wrap comes in 1.5 inch or 2.5 inch frames. It is ready to hang and does not require a frame. Foam board is not used with the gallery wrap. Therefore, it is as affordable as the pricing above and you do not need to buy an additional frame. A protective coating is applied to the canvas. 

Size Price 1.5 inch frame Price 2.5 inch frame
11 X 14 $ 175 $220
16 X 20 $ 320 $355
20 X 24 $ 480 $530
20 X 30 $ 600 $660
24 X 30 $ 720 $780
30 X 40 $ 1200 $1300


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